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Baking Cookies

Directions: Daniel was making chocolate cookies. He had _ _ cookies in each row and _ _ many rows. There were a total of 84 cookies. How many cookies were there in each row and how many rows of cookies were there? Draw a model to support your answer.

You may use the numbers 0-9 once in any of the blank boxes. (The answer of 84 does not eliminate the 8 or the 4.)



How many ways can you make 84?



There are multiple answers due to the factors that make 84.
12 x 07 = 84
06 x 14 = 84
04 x 21 = 84
02 x 42 = 84

Source: Daniel Rocha

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  1. Nice question Daniel.
    Should the directions be changed from “You may use the numbers 0-9” to “You may use the digits 0-9”?

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