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Grade 1

Composite 2D Shapes

Directions: What shapes could be used to create this picture? Make a list of the shapes needed, and how many of each you would need. Source: Bryan Anderson

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Drawing and Naming Shapes by Sides

Directions: Draw and name a shape that has the following characteristics: Has 3 sides Has 4 sides Has 5 sides Has 6 sides Has no straight sides Source: Bryan Anderson

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Directions: Place any digit, 0 through 9, in the boxes below to make a true statement.  Each digit can only be used once. Source: Graham Fletcher

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Dot Card Counting

Directions: How can we figure out how many dots there are below? Source: Dan Meyer.  Additional examples can be found here using a resource provided by Melissa Canham.

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Adding Numbers

Directions: Fill in the blank with a number that makes the equation true. 4 + 5 = ___ – ____   Source: Nanette Johnson

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