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Number & Operations—Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Directions: Use the digits 1 to 9, at most one time each, to make three equivalent fractions. Source: Owen Kaplinsky

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Equivalent Ratios 2

Directions: Using each of the digits 0-6 only once, make two equivalent ratios (also known as a proportion). Source: AnneMarie Untalan

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Fractions Less Than One Half

Directions: Using the whole numbers 1 through 9 as numerators or denominators, how many fractions can you make that are less than one half? Source: Christine Newell

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Close to 1000

Directions: Arrange the digits 1-9 into three 3-digit whole numbers. Make the sum as close to 1000 as possible. Source: John Ulbright and Robert Kaplinsky

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Placing Fractions on A Number Line

Directions: Create 5 fractions using the whole numbers 0 through 9, exactly one time each as numerators and denominators, and place them all on a number line. Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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