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Expressions & Equations

Slope From Two Points

Directions: Use any whole number from 1 to 9 to find the biggest and smallest possible slope. You may only use a number once. Source: Dane Ehlert

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Exponents and Order of Operations

Directions: Find 3 positive integers that add up to 10. Place each number into one of the blanks to find the largest possible result. Source: Zack Miller (@zmill415)

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Solution of Two Linear Equations

Directions: Using the Integers 0-9 (without duplication), provide four sets of points that represent two distinct lines. These lines can be written as two linear equations. Then provide a fifth point that represents the intersection (or solution) of those equations. Line 1: (__, __) and (__, __) Line 2: (__, __) and (__, __) Solution (__, __) Source: Bryan Anderson

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Directions: Fill in the boxes using the whole numbers 1 through 9 to make the biggest 3 digit number. Use each digit at most once. Source: Nanette Johnson

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