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Grade 8


Directions: List 2 points form a line that satisfies the following (you can use numbers 0-5, but you can only use a number once). Write the equation of the line represented by the points: a) Its rate of change must be larger than 2 b) Its y-intercept must be smaller than 3 c) It must share a point with the …

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Comparing Functions

Directions: Using the digits 0-9, at most one time each, create five ordered pair that represent a linear function that has a greater rate of change than the following: (___,___) (___,___) (___,___) (___,___) (___,___) How many different ones are there? Source: Bryan Anderson

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Decimal Approximations of Roots

Directions: Using only numbers 1-6 (and only once per inequality), fill in the boxes to create a true statement with the smallest possible interval: Source: Bryan Anderson

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Equidistant Points 2

Directions: Fill in the empty blanks with whole numbers 1 through 9, using each number at most once, so that you create two points equidistant from (4,-1). Source: Bryan Anderson

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