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Building Functions

Logarithm Laws 2

Directions: Using the numbers 0 – 9, fill the blanks, so that the values of each expression increases from smallest to greatest. Each number may only be used once. Source: John Rowe

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Angles of a Polygon

Directions: The measures of the angles of a convex polygon form an arithmetic sequence. The smallest angle has a measurement of 129 degrees. The largest angle has a measurement of 159 degrees. Find the number of sides in this polygon. Source: Ricardo Navarro

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Quadratic Formula

Directions: What are the maximum and minimum values for c if x^2 + 12x + 32 = (x+a) (x+b) + c? Source: Jedidiah Butler

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Arithmetic vs Geometric

Directions: Which is bigger? The common ratio, r, in a geometric sequence with OR the common difference, d, in an arithmetic sequence with Source: Nanette Johnson

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