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Interpreting Functions

Function Notation

Directions: Fill in spaces with whole numbers 1 – 9 only one time, so that the two functions are equivalent Source: Steven Midzak

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Intercept Form Equations

Directions:  Using digits 1-9, write an equation of a line in standard form with given x- and y-intercepts. Each number can only be used at most once. Source:  Andy Schwen

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Finding Intercepts

Directions:  Using the digits 1 through 9, at most one time each, fill in the boxes to create a linear equation that has an x- and y-intercept with integer values. Source:  Jeffrey Mashbitz

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Domain and Range

Directions: Create 3 lines that have the same domain. Then, create 3 more lines that have the same range. Source: Dane Ehlert

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Identical Quadratics

Directions: Create three equations that produce the exact same parabola by filling in the blanks with whole numbers 0 through 9, using each number at most once: Source: Zack Miller

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Line Builders

Directions: Complete the table & graph below or here on Desmos to create a linear relation. Find the equation of the linear relation. Fill in the table again and again to create as many different linear relations as you can. What do the graphs have in common? What do the equations have in common? Source: Jon Orr

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