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Comparing and Identifying Fractions on a Number Line

Directions: Using the whole numbers 1-9 once each, create and place 4 fractions on the number line in the correct order. (fractions B & C are equal)



The sum of the equivalent fractions is greater than a half and greater than a quarter separate. How do you know if two fractions are equivalent? How do you know if fractions are less than or greater than another fraction?



There are many possible answers. Here are a couple: A = 1/7, B = 3/8, C = 9/24, D = 5/6; Another possibility is A = 1/5, B = 3/9, C = 8/24, D = 6/7; yet another possibility is A = 5/8, B = 3/4, C = 9/12 and D = 6/7. (or D could be 7/6)

Source: Graham FletcherBowen KerinsKate Nowak


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  1. Here is another answer a student found A = 5/8, B = 3/4, C = 9/12 and D = 6/7. (or D could be 7/6)

  2. B and C are not equivalent in your first possible answer. (3/6 > 9/27)

  3. This is so much fun! My students and I are wondering about A= 3/7, B=4/8, C=6/12 and D=9/5 and A= 2/7, B=3/6, C=9/18 and D=5/4 Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  4. A group of students worked on this yesterday as they reviewed equivalent fractions and ordering…and they/we had so much fun doing! It was their first “open-middle” task with the recording sheet. I am so excited about this task. There were so many great discussions, mistakes, revisions…

  5. Another possibility…I got 3/7, 2/4, 9/18, and 5/6.

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