Coordinate Parallelograms

Directions: Fill in the x and y coordinates using whole numbers 1-9, without repetition, so that the points make a parallelogram.



What do you know about a parallelogram that would help you with this problem? Which points need to be connected to make parallel sides?



Multiple answers.

Source: Daniel Torres-Rangel

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  1. I only found eight possible solutions, but I’m willing to be wrong.
    All are transformations of the first solution given – reflect it over the midline (y = 4.5) for another, over the other midline (x = 4.5) and across the line y = x. This gives you four solutions that all have rotational symmetry with each other about a circle centered at (4.5, 4.5).
    To get the other four solutions translate the first four solutions by the vector .

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