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Creating Inequalities

Directions: Using the integers -4 to 4 at most one time each, create an inequality with solutions of x > 2/3. Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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Close to 1000

Directions: Arrange the digits 1-9 into three 3-digit whole numbers. Make the sum as close to 1000 as possible. Source: John Ulbright and Robert Kaplinsky

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Multiplying Decimals Given One

Directions: Use the numbers 1 through 9 at most one time each to make a true statement. Source: Robert Kaplinsky with help verifying the answer from Marcia and Rick Casterline

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Line of Reflections on Isosceles Triangles

Directions: How many ways can you determine the location of the line of reflection for isosceles triangle XYZ that maps Point X to Point Z? Source: Irvine Math Project, Nanette Johnson, and Robert Kaplinsky.

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