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Undefined Quotient with Fraction Division

Directions: Give at least two different examples where the quotient is undefined by filling in the boxes with whole numbers 0 through 9, using each number at most once for each example.



What does undefined mean?
What operation could produce undefined values?



You can put any number instead of the #

Source: Daniel Luevanos

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  1. I think the third solution is wrong. When you invert the divisor #/0, it becomes 0/# so you have #/# x 0/# which is zero, not “undefined”.

    • I understand your reasoning, Patsy, but I don’t know if I would agree with you that the third solution is wrong.

      Let’s imagine that we look at the example “4/5 divided by 3/0”. There are a two ways that I might interpret this question:

      1.) We could think of the fractions as decimals. In doing so, we could interpret this example as “0.8 divided by undefined” which would lead to a result of undefined.

      2.) We could think of the example as “4 divided by 5 divided by 3 divided by 0” which would have a result of undefined.

      3.) Just to check my work, I typed the question in a calculator and the message “Cannot divide by zero” popped up.

  2. Just a typo…”quotient” is spelled incorrectly in the directions.

    Thanks for being a great resource for interesting math problems!

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