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Fraction Division

Directions: Use the digits 0 through 9, without repeats, to solve the problem below.



How do you divide by a fraction?



Here is one possible solution

Source: Shaun Errichiello

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  1. I think these are all the possibilities, listed here in form a/b divided by c/d, but where a and d can be switched and/or b and c can be switched:

    5/2 divided by 4/6 = 30/8
    5/2 divided by 3/8 = 40/6 [as above]
    7/2 divided by 4/9 = 63/8

  2. Would this a possible solution also? Or would it be invalid?

    9/3 divided by 1/6 equals 72/4

    • I think 9/3 divided by 1/6 would be 72/3. I think it might be cool to have a class of solutions like this, where there is 1 repeated digit. In this case, the 1.

    • 9/3 divided by 1/6 would actually be 54/3 so it wouldn’t work since the “3” is repeated.

      • “9/3 divided by 1/6 equals 72/4” was original query

        9/3 divided by 1/6 reduces to 54/3 hence 18
        72/4 reduces to 18

        Hence 18=18

        I suppose the question is of repeats in original equation or no repeats in all the equations as you simplify and reduce.

  3. My student found this solution:
    9/2 divided by 4/7 equals 63/8

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