Interpreting Data 2

Directions: Make a graph that shows a possible result of 7 students’ favorite color with red being the most popular color.


How can we tell when a student likes a color?
How can we tell how many students like a color?
How can we tell the total number of students who were surveyed?


There are many answers to this problem including some that would go off the graph. For example:

2 like blue, 3 like red, 2 like yellow (on the graph)
2 like blue, 4 like red, 1 like yellow (on the graph)
0 like blue, 7 like red, 0 like yellow (off the graph)

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. 3 students like blue, 4 students like red,0 students like yellow

  2. 3 students like red, 2 like blue and 2 like yellow.

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