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Negative Exponents – Closest to Zero

Directions: Use the digits 0 to 9, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes to to make a result that is as close to zero as possible.



What happens when you have a negative exponent?
Where does the 1 go?



So far, there are two answers that have a result of 1/64.

8 ^ (-2) = 1 / 64
4 ^ (-3) = 1 / 64

Source: Daniel Luevanos

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  1. How can you use the 4 in two places in the equation? If that’s allowed, then 2 ^ -6 = 1/64 should also be allowed.

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  3. So, it seems 7^-2 = 1/49 and 8^-2 = 1/64 are the only solutions which use unique digits, with the latter being closer to zero.

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