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Order of Operations 2

Directions: Make the largest (or smallest) expression by using the digits 0-9, no more than one time each, in the boxes below.  Note: for 5th grade, remove the exponent to make it grade level appropriate. Source: Robert Kaplinsky with answer from Michael Fenton and his students.

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Make the Biggest Circle

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 as many times as you want, fill in the boxes to make the biggest circle: Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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Is the Quadrilateral a Square?

Directions: What is the least number of geometric markings needed to demonstrate that a quadrilateral is a square? Source: A collaborative effort of Jose De La Torre and Nanette Johnson answer by Ricardo Navarro with help from Robert Kaplinsky

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Order of Operations

Directions: Use the Order of Operations with the numbers shown on the card below (in any order) so that when you simplify the expression, the answer is 24. Source: This problem was adapted from the 24 Math Game.

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