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Subtracting Multi-Decimals

Directions: Use the digits 1 to 9, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes so that the difference is as close to 50 as possible. NOTE: The digits used in the difference can be repeated.



What digit could go in the tens place to be close to 50?



53.1 – 2.9 = 50.2
52.9 – 3.1 = 49.8

Source: Giselle Garica

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  1. If the answer is correct then there are too many boxes in the second number for the setup of the problem. What you are suggesting is that it is a 2 digit number with a decimal subtracted by another 2 digit number with a decimal. If you want to fix that the “setup” it should look like this ..

    [][].[] – [].[] = ?

    Otherwise, the answer key is wrong and should be something like this:
    75.1 – 24.9 = 50.2
    73.9 – 24.1 = 49.8

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