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Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Balanced Equation

Directions: Use the operation symbols (+, -, x, and ÷) to make the equation true. Operations may be used more than once. Source: Joshua Nelson

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Number Pattern

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 7, at most one time each, place a digit in each circle so that the sum of the numbers in 3 squares (the middle horizontal line or 2 diagonals) are same. e.g A+B+C or D+B+E or F+B+G Is there more than one solution? Source: Al Oz

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Order of Operations 5

Directions: Using the digits 0 to 9 at most one time each, place a digit in each box so that each expression is simplified to a different odd number. Source: Molly Rawding

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Order of Operations 2

Directions: Make the largest (or smallest) expression by using the digits 0-9, no more than one time each, in the boxes below.  Note: for 5th grade, remove the exponent to make it grade level appropriate. Source: Robert Kaplinsky with answer from Michael Fenton and his students.

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