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Perimeter & Circumference

Directions: Using the digits 1-6, at most one time each, fill in the boxes to create the largest and smallest combined perimeter/circumference for the rectangle and circle. Source: Christin Smith

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Area/Circumference of Circles

Directions: If possible, find the radius of a circle where the area of the circle and the circumference of the circle are equal. Is there more than one possible answer? Source: Karen Bloom

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Square and Circle Area

Directions: Find the largest combined area for the rectangle and circle by filling the boxes with numbers 1 through 6. You may use a digit at most once. Source: Mike Chamberlain

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Circle Radius

Directions: What is a radius for a circle that has an area of 20 to 25 square feet? Source: Nathan Charlton

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Circles and Square

Directions: The diagram shows a square and four semicircles formed using each side of the square as a diameter. What fraction of the square is shaded? Source: Dylan Kane

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