Area/Circumference of Circles

Directions: If possible, find the radius of a circle where the area of the circle and the circumference of the circle are equal. Is there more than one possible answer?


How do we find the area of any circle?
How do we find the circumference of any circle?
Is there a way for these to have the same value?


The radius would have to be 2 units.

Source: Karen Bloom

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  1. I’m thinking about the potential misconceptions this might cause by using the word “equal”. I know what’s meant but in thinking about this, the area and circumference are never equal because the circumference will be 4pi units and the area will be 4pi square units.

    Not sure how to modify this one.

  2. Hi Robert,

    What if you re-phrased slightly to “make the area and perimeter numerically equal” ?

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