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Biggest Product 2

Directions: Using the numbers 1 through 9, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes and make the biggest/smallest product.



What numbers should be use to get the biggest product?



biggest: (8+7)(9-1) smallest: (1-2)(8+9)

Source: Nanette Johnson

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One comment

  1. Nice exercise in multiplication and flexible thinking, Nanette!

    Question: Your answer, smallest: (1-2)(8+9), introduces the possibility of negative numbers. Is that what you intended? If so, I think (1–9)(8+7) is the smallest.

    (1–9)(8+7) < (1-2)(8+9)
    -48 < -17

    If you intended only positive products, then I think that (4–3)(2+1) is the smallest. The 4 and 3 could be replaced by any other consecutive digits between 3 and 9 because their difference will be 1.

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