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Adding One-Digit Numbers (< 5) 2

Directions: Use the digits 1 to 5, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes to create a true number sentences with the greatest possible sum. Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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Domino Friends of Ten

Directions: I picked 3 dominoes out of a bag and they all had exactly 10 pips, but the same number was not on both sides of any of the dominoes. Show 3 dominoes I could have picked. Source: Brian Kelley

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Teen Number with 10 Frames

Directions: I have 2 ten-frames that have counters on them. One is full and one is not. What is the largest number I could make? What is the smallest number I could make? Source: Brian Kelley

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Sum of 5

Directions: I rolled 2 dice and when I counted the pips (dots), there were 5 altogether. What could I have rolled on the dice? I rolled again and got 5 again, but I didn’t get the same numbers as before. What could my new roll be? Source: Brian Kelley

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Caterpillar Counting

Directions: Complete the following number sequences and create spots on the caterpillar’s body that represents the number above it. Source: Bryan Anderson

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Dot Card Counting

Directions: How can we figure out how many dots there are below? Source: Dan Meyer.  Additional examples can be found here using a resource provided by Melissa Canham.

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