Sum of 5

I rolled 2 dice and when I counted the pips (dots), there were 5 altogether.
What could I have rolled on the dice?

I rolled again and got 5 again, but I didn’t get the same numbers as before. What could my new roll be?


If you rolled a 4, how many more would you need to get to 5?
If you rolled a 3, how many more would you need to get to 5?


There are a couple of different possible answers.
1 and 4, then 2 and 3
2 and 3, then 1 and 4.
The order of the dice in each pair can switch, eg. 4 and 1.

Source: Brian Kelley

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  1. 3 and 2
    4 and 1

  2. 4 and 1
    3 and 2

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