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Dividing by 1-digit numbers

Directions: Use the whole numbers 1 through 9, at most one time each, and fill in the boxes to create the smallest (or largest) whole number quotient.



What does the number on the left represent? What does the number on the right represent? What numbers should we use? Which numbers should we not use?



Smallest: 126 ÷ 9 = 14
Largest: 987 ÷ 1 = 987

Source: Ellen Metzger

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  1. I really like this problem! I actually got a different answer by dividing 123/9 which is 13 2/3. I’m going to share this with some teachers tomorrow and I may add something along the lines as “without a remainder”.

  2. Never mind! I just read the problem again alittle more carefully and saw the words “whole number quotient”! Great problem, thanks!

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