Adding and Subtracting Within 10

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 at most one time each, place a digit in each box to make a true statement.


How can you represent your equation using pictures?
What does the equals sign mean?


There are multiple answers including:
3 + 5 = 9 – 1
1 + 2 = 6 – 3
4 + 1 = 7 – 2

Source: Owen Kaplinsky

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  1. I recently attended a presentation on open middle math. I loved it. and looking through the kindergarten problems this is the kind of stuff I will be working on with my daughters. they have quickly grasped the ideas of addition and subtraction and would find this a little more challenging before introducing regrouping.

  2. Donald E Johnson

    where can I locate continued online education courses for kindergarten 5th grade and 10th grade for Ellsworth public schools? I have three grandchildren that need to continue their education during the school shutdowns.

  3. Aubrey Brookins


  4. it was good practices for my kids of all grad.Thank you !

  5. Casandra Hargraves


  6. This was nice my kids are so smart! having kids at the age of 12 and using this website is awsome!! 🙂 😉 TYYYY

  7. wut is additoon ans sutactoon

  8. David Campbell

    1 + 3 = 6 – 2

  9. David Campbell

    3 + 4 = 8 – 1

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