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Decimal Division

Directions: Using the digits 0 through 9, without repeating any digits, find the quotient closest to 1.



What can you explain about the quotient of any number and itself?
If we are looking for a quotient of 1, explain what that tells us about the relationship between the dividend and divisor?



7.01/6.98 and 6.98/7.01

Source: Michael Dennis

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  1. I think that only one of your answers is right.

  2. Right… The second one is slightly closer to one: by just less than a couple hundred thousandths.

  3. I don’t think either answer that is given is correct because both result in quotients that have two of the same digit, which breaks the rules of the question.

    • When I look at it again, I see that there aren’t any boxes for the quotients so they are not subject to the rules. My students got tripped up on that.

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