Percents on a Linear Model 5

Directions: Using the digits 0 to 9, at most one time each, fill in the boxes to create an accurate number line.

How many solutions can you find?


Encourage students to try different approaches to find multiple answers.
Fill in percent and whole value and calculate the part.


Percents should be less than 50% based on the placement on the number line.
Answers vary. Some possible answers:
35%, 21, 60; 25% 09, 36; 34%, 17, 50

Source: Adrianne Burns

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  1. Here is the link to my blog post about using linear models with percents. You can see the progression, tools, and manipulatives I used.

  2. This question would be better if you mention that the line is to scale.

    • Definitely. I think depending on the students level it could be said at the beginning or be a part of the discussion when sharing answers and strategies.

  3. Another answer that Eloise, Charlotte and Niki came up with is 34%, 17, 50.

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