Time Twister

Directions: Using the digits 0 to 9, at most one time each, create three different times on the clocks where the span of the times are between 12 noon and 7 pm. How can you make the difference between the times the greatest? closest times together?


What times are possible? What digits can be used in different parts of the time?


There are many solutions including:
1:48, 2:03, 6:57
1:02, 3:59, 6:48
12:07, 4:38, 6:59

Source: Jason Kornoely

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  1. 3:57 4:26 1:09

  2. 12:00pm


  3. 4:00

  4. The clock pictures are deceptive. It makes you think that you use the digits on an analog clock instead of the digits on a digital clock. You should change the graphic to better convey what you mean people to figure out from the problem.

  5. 12:02, 6:04, 4:09

  6. 12:00a.m 1:00p.m 7:00p.m👍

  7. Danitza Marenco

    I got the same thing 12:00a.m 1:00p.m 7:00p.m


  9. I agree with Brett, the analog clock pictures are confusing. If we are to make sets of 3 times, why on earth picture 5 handless clocks? Are we supposed to crowd 3 sets of hands on a single clock, 5 times? Draw a single set of hands on each of 3 clocks, with 2 clocks mysteriously left over? Why not 3 blank digital clocks, or 3 blank lines to write our answers? Or 6 blank lines, or 9 blank lines?

    Also the wording “where the span of the times are between 12 noon and 7 pm” adds additional confusion… how can the span be that unless the first time is 12:00 and the third time is 7:00… which violates the single-use rule for zero? My wife and I were both mystified what was being asked for when our daughter received this on a printed sheet from her teacher, and even after coming here to the site we had to resort to peeking at the answers just to finally figure out what was being asked. Then when we tried to explain it all to our daughter she (past her bedtime) was literally in tears. We’ll try again in the morning.

    The instructions need to say “create three different times WITHIN THE SPAN of 12 noon to 7 pm.”

  10. 1:47,2:35,6:09

  11. I agree that the directions are confusing. I initially thought the students were to compare the times on two clocks, making a longer or shorter span of time between the two times. But then you would need 6 clocks, and compare sets of 2.

    Directions definitely need to be reworded.

  12. 1:48 3:57 4:26

  13. Here is one of the solotions I did.1:02

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