Directions: Given triangle ABC with vertices (-8,2), (-2,2), and (-2, 8), create triangle DEF in quadrant one that uses a translation, rotation, and reflection (in any order) to take that triangle to triangle ABC and show congruence.


How can you use the image to find the pre-image?


One solution would be:
Triangle DEF with vertices (1, 1), (7, 1), and (7, 7).
1. 90° rotation clockwise
2. Reflection across the Y axis
3. A translation of (x-1, y+9)

There are many solutions.

Source: Jon Henderson

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  1. Does Triangle ABC have to map sequentially onto DEF…ie, Does A have to map to D, B to E, and C to F? OR not necessarily…just has to correctly be mapped onto the preimage to show congruence with any order of points?

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