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Grade 7

Percents on a Linear Model 5

Directions: Use the whole numbers 0 through 9, at most one time fill in the boxes to create an accurate number line. How many solutions can you find? Source: Adrianne Burns

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Equilateral Triangle

Directions: Using the whole numbers 1 through 9, no more than one time each, fill in the circles of the triangle. The sum of the numbers on each side of the triangle is equal to the length of that side. Arrange the numbers so that the triangle is an equilateral triangle. Source: Erick Lee

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Multiplying Fractions 3

Directions: Find three fractions whose product is -5/24. You may use fractions between -8/9 to 8/9 no more than one time each. Find at least 2 possible combinations. Source: Al Oz

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Creating Inequalities

Directions: Using the integers -4 to 4 at most one time each, create an inequality with solutions of x > 2/3. Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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Probability with Marbles

Directions: There are _____ red marbles and _____ blue marbles in Bag A. There are _____ red marbles and _____ green marbles in Bag B. Place a unique whole number from 1 to 9 in each blank to make the probability of drawing a red marble from either bag the same. Extension: Change the problem such that the number of …

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Probability with Spinners

Directions: Select three of the spinners from the image below (you may pick more than one of each) such that the total number of sectors in all three spinners totals 10. Select spinners so that the probability of all three spinners landing in the shaded sector is the smallest (or largest). Extension: How would the answer change if you could …

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