Factoring Quadratics With Undefined C

Directions: Fill in the blanks by finding the largest and smallest integers that will make the quadratic expression factorable.


How would you represent this problem using visually (such as by using algebra tiles)?
What patterns are you observing for the maximum and minimum values of C?


The largest C can be is 1. You can continue to find smaller and smaller values of C, so the smallest value of C is negative infinity.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. if you are OK with fractions..i.e. factoring does not require integers the value of c = 1 1/8 also works.

    Also if you factor with complex numbers there are infinite values of c > 1.

    c = 2 yields solutions of x = {-3+/- Sqrt (-7) } 4 , which in turn can be factors…ugly ones, but factors none the less.

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