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Finding Equivalent Ratios

Directions: Use the digits 1-9 to create 3 equivalent ratios.
Each digit can only be used once.

__:__ = __ __ : __ = __ __ : __ __



Think halves



6:3 = 18:9 = 54:27

Source: Graham Fletcher

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  1. Now do the same with the digits 0 through 8.

  2. A second solution is: 6:3 = 14:7 = 58:29. Perhaps a secondary hint could be: given the series of numbers think where to place the “5” digit. It narrows the possibility for third ratio to be either: 27/54, 28/56, 29/58. I ended up writing up a solution for teachers working our Title 1 after school program. https://teacherleaders.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/finding-equivalent-ratios-open-middle1.pdf

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