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One Solution, No Solutions, Infinite Solutions

Directions: Using Integers (without repeating any number), fill in the boxes to create the following types of Linear Equations



What does it mean for an equation to have no solutions? Infinite solutions?



Answers can vary, an example is:
1 Solution: (-3/-1)X + 0 = 1X + (-4/-2)
No Solution: (-2/-1)X + 1 = 2X + 0
Infinite Solutions: (-2/-1)X + 3 = 2X + (-9/-3)

Interval of: 11

Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. Cannot make an entry. But I understand the three choices.

  2. I think the smallest integer interval is 12. The numbers are from -9 to 3. 3-(-9)=12.

  3. could not fill in the boxes but i know if slope is same and y is not there is no solution if y is same but slope is different 1 solution and all is the same means infinite solutions

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