Writing Linear Equations

Directions: Make a table with three points in the same line with
1) a slope not equal to zero
2) and the y-intercept is not a whole number
Write the equation for the line.


The slope between the points has to be the same.
The equation for the line is y=mx+b (or use the point-slope form)


(1,5) (-1,2) (-3,-1) y=3/2x + 7/2

Source: Lane H. Walker

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  1. The points are going to be (2,6) (0,3) (-2,0)
    y=3/2x +7/2

  2. Y=3/2x+7/2

  3. I think I am missing something. Wouldn’t there be infinite solutions? For example (-3, -2), (1,1) and (5,4) all lie on the line y = 3/4x+1/4.

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