Get MAD!

Directions: Construct two sets of 9 numbers that have a mean of 6 and and MAD (mean absolute deviation) of 2.


How could you create a set of data has a mean of 6?
Without changing the mean, how could you adjust the data set to get a MAD of 2?


There are multiple answers to this problem especially if you change the domain from whole numbers to integers to rational numbers. The only constraints on a solution is the sum of the set of data must be 54 and the total absolute deviation (TAD) must be 18. One example is 3,3,3,6,6,6,9,9,9

Source: Patrick Sullivan

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  1. My answer is 666333999.

  2. 9,9,9,3,3,3,6,6,6

  3. 3,3,3,6,6,6,9,9,9

  4. mine is 3,3,3,6,6,6,9,9,9

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