Incorrect Linear Equations

Directions: Based on the graph of this line, write a linear equation that is incorrect. Write an a linear equation that could be correct.


What determines the steepness of a linear equation.
What important information does slope-intercept form easily tell you about a line?


There are multiple right answers as long as the slope and y-intercepts make sense for the graph that is drawn.

Source: Sam Olderbak

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  1. There are multiple.

  2. The answer is 2

  3. It could be y=2x and an incorrect equation would be y=2x -3

  4. Incorrect- 0x+3

  5. The correct equation is y=2x incorrect-y=x-2

  6. Multiple as long as they match up

  7. Correct y=2 incorrect y=4

  8. Any positive slope could be argued (since axis scales are not necessarily known) with a y-intercept of 0. So any equation of the form y = mx, where m>0. Equations that wouldn’t work are of the form y = mx + b, where m is less than or equal to zero and/or b is not equal to 0.

  9. Incorrect: y=x+2
    Correct: y=2x

  10. Incorrect: y= 5x-1
    Correct: y=2x

  11. Incorrect: y=3+x
    Correct: y=2x

  12. incorrect- y=3+x

  13. Incorrect : y=3+x
    Correct : y=2x

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