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Laws of Logarithms

Directions: Using the integers 0 to 9, fill in the red and blue boxes so that the chart is accurate. You can only use a number once per red box and once per blue box. (Logs are in base 10)



What mathematical equation can be produced from a logarithm? How does that relate to the size of a logarithm?
How can you rewrite the log of a product, quotient, or power?



There are many possible solutions. One example would be:

One thing to watch is the use of 0, many students will not recognize that Log 0 is undefined

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  1. Another thing to look out for is how students interpret logx^y.
    A question I had from my students was, “Do we represent log7^7 as log(7^7) or log(7)^7?”

    A really great question and talking point!

  2. Laws of Logarithms
    Great idea right before a holiday or for a sub day.

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