Teen Number with 10 Frames

Directions: I have 2 ten-frames that have counters on them. One is full and one is not. What is the largest number I could make? What is the smallest number I could make?


Start by filling in one of your ten frames with counters.

What does it mean to be the smallest number if one of the ten frames is full and one is not?


Largest: 19
Smallest: 11

Source: Brian Kelley

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  1. Genevieve miranda

    If 1 ten frame is full and 1 ten frame is not: we could have 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 or 19, but not 20.

  2. Jade says 10 is the largest and 11 is the smallest

  3. Largest number is 19
    Smallest is 11

  4. 19 is the biggest
    11 is the smallest

  5. Smallest should be 10. Because there is no indication that any markers are on the second 10-frame. This same question is on here somewhere but with one 10-frame using its rows. This does cause a contradiction.

  6. I need help. This is a little unclear to my kindergarteners

  7. #harderthancalculusandicantsolveit

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