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Grade 5

Adding Fractions 4

Directions: Using the whole numbers 1 through 10, at most one time each, fill in the boxes so that the sum is equal to 1 whole. Source: Joshua Nelson

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Rounding Decimals

Directions: Use the whole numbers 1 through 6, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes and make the largest (or smallest) number that rounds to 5 Source: Annie Forest

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Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Directions: Using the digits 1 through 9, each only once, fill in the boxes to create 2 rectangular prisms so the volume of one rectangle is double the volume of the other rectangle. Source: Joe Schwartz

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Fraction Equivalence

Directions: Using the numbers 0-9, create a fraction that correctly completes each statement. Source: Ian Kerr

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Decimal Product Close To 50

Directions: Use the numbers 1 through 9 at most one time each so that the product is as close to 50 as possible. Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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Adding Decimals 2

Directions:  Make the largest (or smallest) sum by filling in the boxes using the whole numbers 1-9 no more than one time each. Source:  Daniel Luevanos

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