Multiplying Fractions 6

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 at most one time each, place a digit in each box to make a product that’s as close to 4/11 as possible.


How can you tell how close your product is to 4/11? How can you tell which of two fractions is closest?


The closest product to 4/11 is 5/7 x 1/2 (or equivalents like 1/2 x 5/7 or 5/7 x 2/4).

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. Hi Robert,
    My 5th graders from Missoula, MT wanted me to message you to let you know they found a closer answer to 4/11 than 5/14. 6/8 x 2/4 gives a product of 12/32 which is pretty close to 12/33 (an equivalent fraction to 4/11). Thank you for all of these awesome problems!! We love them.

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