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Equations of Perpendicular Lines

Directions: Using the integers -9 to 9 (excluding 0) at most one time each, fill in the blanks to create two distinct perpendicular lines.



Why might we want to consider the relationship between the coefficients of x and y?



There are many solutions but not infinite

1 x + 2 y = 4
-6 x + 3 y = 5

2 x + 3 y = 9
-6 x + 4 y = 8

Any solution where the x and y coefficients swap and one is negative. Students will need to use multiples to avoid repeating values. The constant term can take any remaining value.

Source: Louise Pepper with answers from the students of Kings College Alicante, Spain

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  1. Anyone else bored with online school?

  2. Danitza Marenco

    I got 2x+6y=9

  3. 1x +2y =4

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