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Multiplying Fractions 4

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 at most once each time, fill the boxes to make the greatest possible product.



What denominators can you use that will make a one-digit denominator?



Once answer is 9/4 * 7/3 = 5 2/8.

Source: Marc DeArmond

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  1. Amelia D'Alesandro

    my problem was 8/5 x 6/4= 2 2/5. I know my numbers repeat and we have to find a way to not repeat a number but i got stuck and couldn’t think of another answer. My strategy was to use the answer given to help and then take one away from 9 making it an 8 and putting it over the 4 and taking one away from the 7 and putting it over the 3 and trying that. My strategy didn’t work. This was a really hard puzzle.

  2. I had 6/2 x 3/1 = 9. I got this by finding a number that times by something would be under ten. I first got 6/2 and that got me 3. Then i got 3 from 3/1. Lastly i multiplied 3 by 3 and got 9. I agree it was a challenging puzzle.

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