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Teen Number with 10 Frames

Directions: I have 2 ten-frames that have counters on them. One is full and one is not. What is the largest number I could make? What is the smallest number I could make? Source: Brian Kelley

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Sum of 5

Directions: I rolled 2 dice and when I counted the pips (dots), there were 5 altogether. What could I have rolled on the dice? I rolled again and got 5 again, but I didn’t get the same numbers as before. What could my new roll be? Source: Brian Kelley

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Line Builders

Directions: Complete the table & graph below or here on Desmos to create a linear relation. Find the equation of the linear relation. Fill in the table again and again to create as many different linear relations as you can. What do the graphs have in common? What do the equations have in common? Source: Jon Orr

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Exponents and Order of Operations

Directions: Find 3 positive integers that add up to 10. Place each number into one of the blanks to find the largest possible result. Source: Zack Miller (@zmill415)

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Perimeter and Pythagorean Theorem

Directions: What could the lengths of the legs be such that the lengths of the legs are integers and x is an irrational number between 5 and 7? Source: Daniel Luevanos

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Finding the Length of a Right Triangle’s Altitude

Directions: The black triangle is a right triangle with legs 8 and 6. The vertices are at the points (0,0), (0,8), and (6,0). The red line segment is perpendicular to hypotenuse. Find the length of the red line segment. Source: Kate Nerdypoo

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