Composite 2D Shapes

Directions: What shapes could be used to create this picture?

Make a list of the shapes needed, and how many of each you would need.


What shapes can you combine to create the picture?


There can be many different student solutions. One possible answer would be one rectangle, one square and three triangles.

Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. I like this question. The answers you get might bring up a lot of good geometric vocabulary depending upon how students define shape. Do the shapes have to be polygons? Do they have to be convex polygons? This house could just be created with one big concave hendecagon.

  2. Three triangles,two squares, and a rectangle.

  3. triangles, squares, rectangle

  4. square, rectangle, triangle

  5. i see two triangles one rectangle one square

  6. cube, pyramid, triangle

  7. For this picture we can use a square, triangles and a rectangle.

  8. Poorv Dasgupta

    Triangle, triangle, rectangle , square makes this picture

  9. There are many different combinations. You could also use three rectangles and 3 triangles.

  10. Square, Triangle, Rectangle, and a parallagram

  11. 2 triangles, 1 square, 1 rectangle.

  12. One square, Two triangles, one rectangle

  13. 1 rectangle,1 square and 3 triangles

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