Drawing and Naming Shapes by Angles

Directions: Draw and name a shape that has the following characteristics:

Has 3 angles
Has 4 angles
Has 5 angles
Has 6 angles
Has two equal sides
Has five equal sides


What are the defining attributes for shapes?


There can be many different student drawings for the shapes. Students will also have many different names for a quadrilateral.

Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. If these online learning materials are going to assist parents to help their children learn at home during this covid19 outbreak, the design of those questions, answers, little hints intended to promote thinking needs much improvement. You cannot just have a sentence that is to explain the supposed answer. Instead, you should provide list of all possible answers corresponding to the questions.

    • Thank you for that insight Eve, while these have been running under the assumption they are a resource for teachers- in this current time we must also look at how else these problems might be used.

  2. 1. Triangle
    3. Pentagon.
    4. Hexagon
    5. Rectangle
    6. Pentagon

  3. I stumbled on to your site as I am planning math for 3rd grade for distance learning. I’d love to see more resources and/or ways to not use worksheets. Working on geometry right now.

  4. triangle

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