Equations of Perpendicular Lines

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9 at most one time each, fill in the blanks to create two distinct perpendicular lines.  Note that the coefficient for the second line’s y is negative.

__ x + __ y = __

__ x + -__ y = __



What do the equations of perpendicular lines have in common?



There are many answers but the coefficients of x and y for each line must produce a product of -1.  For example, 2x + 3y = 5 and 6x + -4y = 7

Source: Bryan Anderson

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  1. If students know anything about equations of perpendicular lines then they must know about gradients or slopes of lines and also that the product of the slopes is -1. If they don’t then then are going to be using some other rule which doesn’t say anything else that is useful.

    I don’t understand the first line of the answer.

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