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Equivalent Ratios

Directions: Using the digits 1 to 9, fill in the boxes to make as many ratios as you can that are equivalent to 2:3.



What makes a ratio equivalent?



There are 3 ratios that are equivalent to 2:3 including: 2:3, 4:6, and 6:9.

Source: Robert Kaplinsky

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  1. It interesting, because I see this challenge as less difficult than the one you have for grade 6 involving creating three equivalent ratios for the numbers 1-9. As long as students know the scale factors, they could fairly easily solve this one, I think. Any experiences in the field on this one?

    Thanks for your wonderful website.

    • Yeah, this isn’t my favorite problem but it is slightly more challenging than a DOK 1 problem in that students have to know that there is more than one way to make a ratio with the same value. I’ve never used it with students.

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