Is the Quadrilateral a Kite?

Directions: What is the least number of geometric markings to show that a quadrilateral is a kite?


What makes a kite a kite?


Three markings are needed:

a perpendicular at the diagonals and one of the diagonals has to be bisected (the other two markings come from the two tick marks showing that one of the diagonals is bisected by the other one)

Thank you Sherrie Serros for the correct answer!

Source: Nanette Johnson

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  1. one of the diagonals must be bisected to ensure you have a kite. Consider two segments that intersect at a right angle where the intersection point divides one segment in a ratio 1:3 and the other in a ratio 1:2. The quadrilateral formed by the endpoints of the segments is not a kite.

  2. Thank you, Sherrie!

    I made the changes in the post and gave you credit.

    Thanks, again!

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