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Multiplication of large numbers

Directions: Use the digits 1 to 9, at most one time each, to create two numbers that have a product as close to 500,000 as possible. NOTE: You may use any length of factors as you would need. Ex 8 digit by 1 digit. 4 digit by 3 digit.



What can you estimate to get close to 500,000?
How many digits did you use?



947 x 528= 500,016

Source: Miles Knight

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  1. One of my 5th grade students came up with this one:
    731 x 684 = 500,004
    She is very, very excited!!

  2. Can we use decimals?

  3. My student also got 500,004 by multiplying 684 by 713!

  4. My student got 500,000!!!!
    No where does it say you can’t use decimals. He talked me through his thinking and it was brilliant. I was so excited and I’ve never seen him with a smile that big before.

  5. I got 499993.6.

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