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Place Value

Directions: Use the digits 1 to 9, at most TWO times each, to create a nine-digit number and its corresponding place values.



How do we know what each digit in the nine-digit number represents?



There are many answers. The nine-digit number should use the same digits as the corresponding place values.

Source: Owen Kaplinsky

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  1. Please could you help me understand the place value question of September 7,2018.

    • You need to use the digits 1-9 to make a nine digit number, and then use the same digits and organize them into their place values.

  2. Chelsea McClellan

    Wondering how this is DOK 2? I might be missing something? Is it possible to scramble the corresponding place values so they are not in order? Perhaps ask students to create the largest or smallest 9-digit number. We also found the directions a bit confusing. New to open middle folks interpret them as allowing 2 of the same digit in the 9-digit number. As a long-time user of open middle, I fully understood the intent of the directions.

  3. I don’t understand the directions either. Could you give an example?

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