Subtraction with Zeros

Directions: Use the numbers 1-9 at most once each to make this a true subtraction equation.
What is the greatest difference? What is the least difference?


What number(s) could or could not be be in the first box?
What strategies can help you think about subtraction?
If you found one way, are there other ways that also work?


1000 – 342 = 658 is the greatest difference
1000 – 658 = 342 is the least difference

Source: Ellen Metzger

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  1. Help! Can someone please explain how to solve this problem. We are struggling to not use two nines. I know I have to be missing something but can’t figure it out!

    • I start figuring number with the thousands first, then hundreds and so on. I considered if I would need columns to regroup. Got I right away to exactly 10,000
      3749 + 6251.

  2. We found 1,000-876 = 124

  3. Ms. Foley, you can’t have two ones in it

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